Triumph Model H "Trusty" video

An affectionate look at a 1915 Triumph Model H 550cc "Trusty" flat tanker.



At Sump, we love flat tankers, which was why we couldn't resist a joyride on this Triumph Model H sidevalve single around the Kentish back roads. Although this bike is nominally rated at 4hp, its true horsepower is probably around 10-11 giving it a 45-50mph top speed.


The Trusty was built in 1915 and saw action in WW1 France as a despatch rider's mount. We shot at it some more, but with a camera instead of a gun, and the finished assault is three minutes long, plus change.


It's a beautiful bike that runs as well as it did when new. We'll soon be putting up a feature on this site. So watch for it. But for now, here are a few frames...


The music is by the inimitable Harold Budd. If you like ambient sounds, you'll want to check him out, especially his album "The Pavilion of Dreams" produced by Brian Eno. Highly recommended.


The bike was provided by Clarke's Classics.



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