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10th June 2016


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m-Blaze Disk indicators


Whatever you do, when you visit the Motogadget website, try not to read any more of the copy than you have to, especially if you have a heart condition or similar. The company is German, and it's been at the translator and has pretty much mangled the English language. SO much so that we're not sure what the hell we're talking about here. But we'll do our best. The image above shows the m-Blaze Disc indicators. Apparently, this is a third generation design, and the lights are designed to fit right in your handlebars in much the same way as a pair of bar end mirrors. Of course, if you've already got bar end mirrors and want a set of these, you're going to have to make some tough decisions.


There's some kind of "TranzLight-Technology® (TLT, patent pending)" involved here. But to simplify things, these are high intensity LEDs that draw around 7-watts of power and return a lifespan of 50,000 hours.


The lights are manufactured from aluminium and plastic. The aluminium bodies are CNC machines, and you can have them black anodised or in a natural aluminium finish. They'll suit 22mm or 1-inch handlebars with 14mm to 21mm I.D.  You'll get around 100mm of connecting cable (per side, we assume). Motogadget would like you to order in pairs rather than singly. And they are E-marked.


We have no information on fitting instructions, and when we checked the firm's tech support line, we found this message:


We are sorry but caused by technical and staff problems we are not able to provide a telephone hotline.
Please use this form.
We apologise for any inconvenience.


So you'll have to figure it all out for yourself. But that aside, they look pretty good, and just might suit your cafe racer, bobber or similar custom project. Or you might want to replace your stock indicators. And there are other styles available, so check the site. Carefully.


The price is £74 (€99.00), and that includes tax but not postage and packing.






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