Ducati Monster 1200S for 2017. This Euro4 compliant 1,198cc, 150bhp bruiser-cruiser takes the well established 1200S Monster formula and re-delivers it with a new 48mm inverted Ohlins fork (up from 43mm), a shorter wheelbase, a new single-sided swinging arm, a one-degree steeper rake, a restyled exhaust, Ducati's Quick Shift as standard and upgraded Brembo radial brakes. The compression ratio has been raised from 12.5:1 to 13:1. The headlight, fuel tank and tailpiece has also been tweaked and sharpened. The TFT display has been reworked with new electronics. The price? £14,295. The "R" Model, with 10 extra bhp, will set you back another £1,300. Follow this link for details of the 2014 Ducati Monster 1200S



December 2016


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Vanguard crowdfunding plan


Around 60,000 people are said to have attended the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Brooklyn, New York, 9th - 11th December 2016. It's also said that one of the star attractions was the Vanguard Roadster project (left). We reported on this bike in; Sump Classic Bike News, December 2016.

Well now the creators of that bike are looking for crowdfunding cash to take the business to the next step. At £24,500 per bike (projected cost), the concern is that there simply won't be enough buyers to make manufacturing viable. Not at these prices, anyway. However, Vanguard's CEO, Francois-Xavier Terny, reckons: “We recognise there is a lot of enthusiasm for what we are doing, but not everyone will be able to purchase one of our motorcycles. We want to offer another way for people to have ownership in the Vanguard brand and this is through crowdfunding. As a start-up company, I can’t think of a better way to help raise needed capital while providing accessibility to supporters."

Here at Sump, we're not financial experts (or even gifted amateurs). But it looks like one million shares are on offer. Vanguard reckons that if you invest $8 per share, you're betting that the company will be worth £8million dollars in the foreseeable future. If you invest at least 124 shares ($992) you'll have priority access to the "pre-order" list (limited to the first 200 production motorcycles) and will receive a "photo book" of the Vanguard Roadster prototype.

625 shares ($5,000) will also get you a diecast model of the Vanguard Roadster prototype. And 1,250 shares ($10,000) will receive priority access to early VINs on the pre-order list (first 99 of 200 units).










Triumph Bobber 2017 prices

Triumph Motorcycles has announced the 2017 price for its new Bonneville Bobber. Hinckley reckons that the bike will be on sale in February (2017) for £10,500. Additionally, two "Inspiration Kits" are on the way to further enhance this factory custom. The first is the "Old School Bobber" package which will be on offer at £1,610. For that, you get a pair of ape-hanger handlebars, a shortened front mudguard, a pair of brushed stainless silencers, a leather saddle, "gummy" handlebar grips, and a swinging-arm bag.


The second kit is the "Quarter Mile Bobber" package which will cost £1,500. For that, you'll receive clip-on handlebars, blacked-out header pipes, blacked-out silencers, blacked-out air-intake covers, a blacked-out headlamp bezel, a leather saddle, "gummy" handlebar grips, and a shortened front mudguard.


And if that's not enough, Triumph is boasting 150 accessories and a Bobber clothing range (note that due to local environmental laws, the aforementioned exhaust/silencer options might not be available in all markets. The big question now is how will the customisers customise these customs? More of the same. Less of the same? We're watching...



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