Triumph Thruxton R for 2016. The factory reports that sales of Triumph motorcycles in India has exceeded 3000 units. The firm is therefore in second place to Harley-Davidson which last year flogged 5,000 bikes. Nevertheless, it's a good showing from Hinckley which is now anticipating growth at 20 - 25%. We're talking about big bike sales, of course. These numbers are trivial when compared to the 18.9 million motorcycles manufactured last year in India. Clearly, the sub-continent is on the move, and the middle classes are moving further ahead and are hungry for premium brands, not least British brands. So is Triumph going to start piling 'em high and floggin 'em cheap? Apparently not. The company is said to be happily mining the niche/quality market.



June 2016


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Barry Sheene Festival

If you're stuck for something to do on 23rd - 24th July 2016, and if you're within reasonable travelling distance of Scarborough, North Yorks, you might want to consider the Barry Sheene Festival at Oliver's Mount. 2016 is the 40th anniversary of Sheene's first world championship title, and the organisers (Auto 66 Racing) are looking to make this a very special celebration. To help matters along, Suzuki GB has just taken delivery of Barry Sheene's 1976 and 1977 world championship-winning race bikes which have been shipped from Australia for display at numerous bike events in 2016, including this event. Suzuki GB’s Tim Davies has been quoted as saying:  “... we wanted to be a part of this event for a second consecutive year to celebrate such an occasion. The event at Oliver’s Mount is always a good one, but we decided to step it up a notch for this year, and the display of the two championship-winning bikes is the first time that they have been displayed together at such an event in the UK." [More...]



Bikers Dream Mini Footpump


Biker's Dream Mini Pump


What can we say? The idea of carrying a foot pump in your saddlebag, top box, side bag or whatever isn't exactly appealing. These devices are usually pretty feeble and flimsy when miniaturised, and are generally unacceptably bulky when you've got something worth shelling out for. But the people marketing this "Bikers Dream Mini Foot Pump" reckons that it's "an essential addition to any rider's roadside repair kit." We're further advised that this device is ideal for everyone from commuters to tourers, especially those who travel to far flung places, etc. Additionally, this pump is claimed to be more accurate than many garage forecourt gauges, and  it saves "the hassle of having to carry change or deal with fiddly tokens." You can decide how much of this you want to swallow, and for all we know it's a great little pump. Maybe we're just footpumpophobic or something. [More...]


Kawasaki Triples Book


Kawasaki Triples Bible

It ain't new, but it is new in paperback. Written by motorcycle author and journalist Alastair Walker, this tome on Kawasaki's classic two-stroke triples manufactured between 1968 and 1980 was first published in 2010 in hardback. But now Veloce Publishing has taken another bite of the cherry and has produced this "soft" version. But between the sheets, this book isn't soft at all. Instead, it's a pretty hard-nosed insight into everything from the seminal H1 500 series through to the KH250s through to the KH400s. And there's an interesting insight into the models that preceded the triples. The book's full title is: KAWASAKI TRIPLES BIBLE. And it's easy to see that for many riders, the content will be akin to a religious experience. We should confess that we've had very little direct experience of these motorcycles. But if we were in the market for an oily threesome, we'd probably start right here with this publication. Even at first glance it looks pretty convincing.




Route 66 T-shirt

Been there? Done it? Or just thinking about doing it? Either way, you might want to spend a few precious moments considering this here Route 66 T-shirt from Sump. We've travelled Route 66 twice, and it was one of the greatest experiences of our miserable lives. But it took us a long time to get it together to make the first trek, and it took another 20 years to get it together to make the second.  And that's way too long. Of course, it might have helped if we'd had one (or more) of these cool Route 66 T-shirts to remind us that life is short and the clock is ticking (and it ticks a lot faster on the downward leg). So we devised this tee, and we're offering it here for £14.99 plus postage and packing.  [More...]



Yamaha SCR950


Some might think this motorcycle is pretentious. Some might think it's confused. Some might think it's "obvious". And some might simply think it's "cool". But here at Sump, we haven't decided what we think about this new bike from Yamaha. It's called the SCR900 Scrambler, and this all-new machine fits into the firm's latest Sports Heritage mindset which includes the VMAX, the XSR900, and the SR400. At its heart is a 942cc, air-cooled, 60-degree, four-valve-per-cylinder, fuel-injected V-twin. The bore is 85mm. The stroke is 83mm. The gears number five, and the clutch is a conventional wet multiplate. Front and rear suspension travel is 4.7-inches and 2.8-inches, respectively. [More...]




AJS 125cc Cadwell

If you're an older rider, particularly an older rider of classic motorcycles, the initials "AJS" emblazoned on the petrol tank of this bike might well draw a tear from your eye; and not the right kind of tear. But if you're a newcomer to biking, you'll probably take this machine at face value, which is exactly what we're trying to do. It bears absolutely no relationship to the motorcycles as once produced by A J Stevens & Co of Wolverhampton, West Midlands. But then, all the classic AJS machines built since 1931 had little or nothing to do with the Stevens family except for the name on the tank. [More...]


m-Blaze Disk indicators


m-Blaze Disc indicators

Whatever you do, when you visit the Motogadget website, try not to read any more of the copy than you have to, especially if you have a heart condition or similar. The company is German, and it's been at the translator and has pretty much mangled the English language. SO much so that we're not sure what the hell we're talking about here. But we'll do our best. The image above shows the m-Blaze Disc indicators. Apparently, this is a third generation design, and the lights are designed to fit right in your handlebars in much the same way as a pair of bar end mirrors. Of course, if you've already got bar end mirrors and want a set of these, you're going to have to make some tough decisions. [More...]







T120 Gunfighter saddle


Corbin has been manufacturing motorcycle saddles for donkey's years. Since 1968, actually. We can't recall that we've ever owned one, but we've certainly sat on a few over various distances, and we've never had cause for complaint. This new Gunfighter saddle has been designed for the 2016 T120 Triumph Bonneville, and from this distance we think it looks pretty good. The foundation is Corbin's Fibertech base pan. Then there's the usual piece of shaped and sculpted foam followed by a cover that's part leather and part vinyl. The vinyl, says Corbin, is there to help provide support and keep the looks sharper for longer. The leather is there for comfort and style, and (of course) to give the saddle that touch of quality. [More...]




Knox Hadleigh gloves

We get a lot of product news from Knox, manufacturers of motorcycling clothing to the masses, etc. And we're glad of it. The firm is as ambitious as Hillary Clinton, and there's nothing wrong with trying to get ahead in life. But we don't use everything that comes down the Knox wire. We have to be a little selective. However, we thought these new Hadleigh Studio gloves might interest the ladies out there. Why? Because they're specifically designed for the curvy ones, and that apparently makes it a first for Knox; at least as far as hand wear is concerned. What we like about these shortie mitts is that they're not over-styled (check out what we had to say about the Knox Handroid gloves). What we also like is that they're not over-functional or tricky or clever. But that ain't to say that Knox hasn't included a few features. [More...]

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