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Buying motorcycle tyres can be a pain. And a chore. It used to be fairly simple, however. There was a time when you walked into a bike shop and had a choice of maybe half a dozen makes and sizes. And if you weren't sure of what's what, you asked the bloke behind the counter to recommend something, and then you bought whatever he suggested. He was usually right. Or right enough.


But today, there's a bewildering choice of rubber out there that no one agrees on, and we haven't got the patience for all the arguing. So we've tried to simplify things by offering a more limited range.


However, keeping it simple doesn't mean fobbing you off with some old third-world donut. We've been selective, but not overly selective—the point being that the vast majority of everyday riders still need only a very short list of options. That's because what you gain with one tyre, you lose in some other area. Everything else is really about manufacturers trying to find a niche within a niche within a niche.


Tyre X might be stickier than some others, for instance, but because of that it wears superfast and is dead in a month. Tyre Y might be cheaper, but it hates corners and white lines. Tyre Z might be great in the dry, but floats in the rain.


In short, you can get seriously neurotic about all this. But the fact is, if you ride within reasonable limitations, you generally make automatic adjustments for whatever you've got wrapped around your wheels.



So check out what's on offer here. See if it suits your budget (and your eyes), and check that it's the right size—and that means seeing what the original motorcycle manufacturer recommends (unless you're building a special, in which case you might need to experiment a little).


But if you require very specialist rubber, don't bother looking here. Like we said, we're aiming our selection at everyday bikers, with a nod towards those on classic and general roadster and touring motorcycles. Meanwhile, whatever you buy, tread carefully. And stay on track.




Avon AM9 Roadrunner

 Unique all-rounder with modern performance and universal fitment. Manufactured in the UK

From £89




Avon Roadrider Mk2

 Timeless appearance

New tyre construction

Great quality all-weather use

From £83.50







Avon Speedmaster Mk2

 Classic ribbed pattern
Modern compound design
Latest construction

From £82







Avon Safety Mileage A Mk2

 Classic style
Modern compound design
Latest construction

From £82








Avon Safety Mileage B Mk2

 Timeless appearance
New tyre construction
Enhanced sidewall design

From £98






Avon Safety Mileage C Mk2

Classic fat rubber

New tyre construction
Enhanced sidewall design

From £102







Continental Classic Attack

 Classic all-rounder
Hugh speed stability
Radial construction

From £139








We sell only products that we use for ourselves. If you have a problem with anything you buy from Sump, tell us and we'll sort it out. Pronto.

No fuss. No arguments.





Top advice before buying motorcycle tyres

How do you know that the tyres you're buying are safe to use? That's a tricky one because tyres have to not only be correctly manufactured, but they also have to be properly stored prior to sale and use. And not all stored tyres are fit for purpose.


We're not just talking about the usual knock-off rubber coming in from the Far East and flogged on the 'net. We're talking about tyres that have, perhaps, been legitimately bought from wholesalers, but then badly stored and managed.


That can mean exposure to too much sunlight. Incorrect racking. Over-long storage. Incorrect temperature control in storage. Chemical damage when in storage. And there are many other potential hazards including de-lamination, cracking and general decay. Therefore you need to feel confident in the people from whom you're buying—and that means staying clear of the dodgy dealers and suchlike on the internet.


If you buy cheap—or too cheap—you could be buying a lot of trouble. At Sump, we deal only with a reputable wholesaler. We set a fair price and we stay competitive—with everyone but the dodgy dealers. So either trust us with your business, or don't.


We're constantly looking out for tyre trouble so that you don't have to ride straight into it. And if you've got any doubts or qualms, we want to hear about it asap.





Motorcycle rim sizes


PWM0 - 1.50"
WM1 - 1.60"
WM2 - 1.85"
WM3 - 2.15"
WM4 - 2.50"
WM5 - 3.00"




Puncture repair kit

Essential for the road


The first time you have to use this kit, it will convert you to Christianity—or maybe some other religion. Either way, you'll be grateful to someone. Or something. Of course, this won't suit classic bikes with inner tubes. It's purely a tubeless kit—and pretty much everyone with tubeless tyres should have one. What's that? You've already signed up to a breakdown service? Well great. The last time we waited for a recovery van to show up, it took three hours.

Click on the image above, or fish around for a link, and you'll get a bite from our Puncture Repair Kit Buying Page. We wouldn't leave home without one. You shouldn't either.



Bowden cable repair kit

Essential for the road


Anyone can suffer a snapped cable on their motorcycle. It happens. But only the guys and girls who look ahead are able to fix the problem for themselves at the roadside. We've been there and done it. Many times. Now it's your turn. So hit the link above. Swoosh over to our buying page. Do the business. Then get on with the rest of your life. Whatever else goes wrong for you and your bike, snapped motorcycle cables won't ever again give you undue cause for concern. Okay?






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If there's a query, we make three attempts to contact buyers, and if we get no reply, we cancel the order and return any payment. But that can lead to disappointment, especially if the item is a gift for someone. So if you haven't heard from us within 24 hours of placing your order, please check your spam box, or contact us again.


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