Denali SoundBOMB horn

12th February 2016


Mini-horn | Motorcycle | 113 decibels | R&G


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This has got to be one of the ugliest aftermarket parts you're ever likely to bolt onto your motorcycle. But it's one of those things that you just can't do without, not if you want to stay vertical when out on the open road.


Moreover, these aftermarket horns are never loud enough, no matter how hooty they are. But this one reckons it's knocking out 113 decibels, which is way better than the factory fitted horns on most modern motorcycles, and is probably only one notch behind the racket made by, say, a hand grenade.


Understanding decibels isn't very straightforward. It's actually a complicated logarithmic Cambridge-professor scale in which ... well, a relatively small increase in decibels represents a bleedin' big increase in the racket pulverising your eardrums.


In other words, "The number of decibels is ten times the logarithm to base 10 of the ratio of two power quantities, or of the ratio of the squares of two field amplitude quantities."


And if that doesn't help, don't worry about it. The blokes who made the Denali™ SoundBOMB Mini horn probably know their stuff, and they reckon that this thing is more than twice as loud as the First World War, which makes it a lot more potent than the standard factory squeaker.


However, Messrs Denali also reckon that this compact horn will "practically disappear [on your bike] once installed". And if you'll believe that, we will too. From where we're sat, it stands out like a pervert in a play park.


But either way, if you've got room for this one your mo'sickle, you might want to consider buying and fitting it. It just might save your life.



The SoundBOMB is intended to be a "plug and play" item. It requires no extra wiring or wiring relay, and it's compatible with CANbus electrical systems (and don't get us started on CANbus).

Here are some techy numbers for any elec-heads out there:

Sound Output: 113 dB at 3 feet
Current Draw: 5 Amp
Dimensions: 3.25"(82mm) x 3.4"(86mm) x 2.5"(63mm)
Stylish all black design
CANbus compatible

And we've just noticed, by the way, that the aforementioned 113 decibels is the sound level at just three feet, which underlines our point. What we want is 120 decibels at, say, 500 feet. But that ain't gonna happen, so we'll have to make do with what's on offer. The price is £19.99.





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