Knox Hadleigh Studio gloves

7th June 2016


Scaphoid protection | Ladies gloves | OutDry®


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We get a lot of product news from Knox, manufacturers of motorcycling clothing to the masses, etc. And we're glad of it. The firm is as ambitious as Hillary Clinton, and there's nothing wrong with trying to get ahead in life. But we don't use everything that comes down the Knox wire. We have to be a little selective. However, we thought these new Hadleigh Studio gloves might interest the ladies out there.


Why? Because they're specifically designed for the curvy ones, and that apparently makes it a first for Knox; at least as far as hand wear is concerned.


What we like about these shortie mitts is that they're not over-styled (check out what we had to say about the Knox Handroid gloves). What we also like is that they're not over-functional or tricky or clever. But that ain't to say that Knox hasn't included a few features.


Such as the OutDry® waterproof technology, for instance. That, we hear, is some kind of process that bonds the waterproof liner with the leather. These gloves have also been fitted with the Knox SPS system (Scaphoid Protection System) for the vulnerable carpal bones. And to protect those delicate knuckles, Knox has thoughtfully stuffed some "soft gel" in the appropriate areas.


The leather is 0.8mm cowhide. There's a nubuck (sanded leather, similar to suede) overlay on the palms to help you get a grip, and keep it. Finally, the cuffs are stretch leather with YKK zips.


We don't know why the gloves are called Hadleigh. But Knox wants you to know that these are "designed in London to complement the Studio Collection Jackets and Jeans for women". The sizes are S-XL, and they'll cost you around £89.99 including VAT.


Call Knox on 01900 825 825 or visit: www.planet-knox.com.





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