2018 Hesketh Valiant. Looking every bit the aristocrat that Hesketh motorcycles were always intended to be, this is the newly unveiled supercharged Valiant. The 2,100cc (56-cubic inch) engine is the now familiar S&S X-Wedge 56-degree V-twin. Breathing through a Rorex supercharger, the power is said to be rated at a massive 210bhp at 5,500rpm. Torque is said to be equally impressive at 295Nm (217lb-ft) @ 3,000rpm. The wheels are three-piece billet "Astralites". The front brake calipers are Hesketh 12-pots. The rear caliper is a 4-pot Beringer. Delivery is expected by the summer of 2018 with an estimated 50,000 price tag. www.heskethmotorcycles.co.uk



March 2017


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Cezeta 506 electric


Cezeta 506 electric  


Čezeta is pronounced chair-zett-ah. Manufactured by Česk Zbrojovka Strakonice, or CZ (a company with a history that in some respects parallels BSA's), Čezeta scooters were manufactured between 1957 and 1964 and were the darlings of their age. Futuristic, unique, sophisticated, iconic and stylish, the first model was the 502; a 175cc air-cooled two-stroke available with a kickstarter, or a dynastarter (electric). The final model of that era was the 503, a similar looking machine but now with a 200cc air-cooled two-stroke motor. Now fast forward to 2013 when the prototype Type 506 was launched. Visually it was essentially the same machine as the originals, but what made this retro re-launch all the more interesting was that it was now electric. That project has finally made it to full, albeit limited, production, and it marks the 60th anniversary of these scooters. Between March 1st 2017 and 31st March 2018, just 600 of these pretty Slavic velocipedes will be made, with test rides beginning in May 2017. And if you want to try one for size and fit, you'll need to mosey on across Europe to Prague. [More...]




Indian Scout Sixty two tone


It's the first two-tone paint job on an Indian Scout Sixty. That's the headline news. Actually, that's the entire news, but no doubt it will interest some folk. The new colour is Star Silver and Thunder Black with gold striping on the fuel tank. So if you fancy something a little more ... well, rakish than the current red, white or black livery, Indian has prised open another tin of paint. Grant Bester, general manager of Indian Motorcycle in Europe said; "Last year we invested heavily in a new paint facility in Spearfish, South Dakota and the result of that means Indian can produce incredible colours and finishes, not only on Scout Sixty, but across the entire line-up." Launched at the 2015 EICMA Show in Milan, the Scout Sixty is the first rung on the ladder of the current Indian Motorcycle company. The price for this new addition to the Scout Sixty family is 9,999. The bikes are expected to be showroom bound in April 2017.






2017 Harley Street Rod

6,745. That's the asking price for the newly unveiled 2017 Harley-Davidson Street Rod. Based upon the firm's current "High Output Revolution X 750cc V-twin" platform, this competitively priced mid-range fuel-injected street cruiser features a liquid-cooled, SOHC 8-valve 60-degree V-twin engine, a 43mm USD front fork, dual 300mm front discs, and 17-inch cast wheels front and rear (120/70 R17V & 160/60 R17V). And ABS, for the UK and European market at least, is mandatory. So what's with the "High Output" stuff? Well, Harley-Davidson is talking about hot cams, high-compression cylinders, gas-flowed heads and a higher redline. The power is variously quoted at around 70hp, which is said to be around 18 to 20 percent more than the standard Street 750. However, we've seen some conflicting information on the exact number. So if it's important to you, interrogate your local dealer. Peak power, we hear, kicks in at 8,750rpm. Peak torque is delivered at 4,000rpm.



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