Triumph Tiger Sport for 2016

10th February 2016


1050cc | Ride-by-wire | Traction control | ABS


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Triumph Tiger Sport for 2016


Triumph calls its 2016 Tiger Sport an "adventure sports" model which helps the firm plant a flag in two camps that aren't exactly complementary. But you might as well call it an "adventurer sports tourer cafe racer and general purpose runaround", because these Tigers pretty much do it all without much fuss and bother. Then again, we live in a world of marketing pigeon holes, and this pigeon is officially where Triumph wants the bird to be.


The Triumph Tiger Sport was introduced in 2013. For 2016, the biggest changes are ride-by-wire throttle (as opposed to ride-by-cable) and traction control (as opposed to ... well, no traction control). Selectable rider modes include Rain, Road and Sport.


Triumph Tiger Sport instruments


The engine is Triumph’s latest 1050cc triple as deployed by the current (2016) Speed Triple. The combustion chamber, we hear, has been "completely revised". And as a consequence, torque is up, and fuel economy has also been improved. But Triumph hasn't yet supplied full performance details.


Other features of the new 2016 Triumph Tiger Sport include cruise control, ABS, and a slip-assist clutch. There's also a new (one-handed) adjustable and tinted screen, plus new mirrors and revised foot pegs.


Triumph Tiger Sport for 2016 - road testTriumph tells us that the new Tiger "looks incredible" which arguably implies doubt. After all, if it really does look that good, what the hell is the firm telling us for? That said, we quite like it. But we're not blown away by it (and we weren't that crazy about the original Sport when it was launched). The new version looks more like a warmed-over (but thoroughly edible) ready meal rather than freshly baked nosh-de-jour. Still a great bike, remember. But if this was a recreational drug, you might want to politely ask your pusher for something with slightly more interesting packaging.


We checked with a bunch of Triumph dealers to see if we're likely to see some heavy discounting of the existing 2015 stock. But most reckoned that Triumph hadn't over-produced these bikes, so the stock is a little thin on the ground. Therefore, you'll probably get a deal on a SatNav (with maybe a luggage discount). But don't expect much giveaway beyond that. Triumph has thoroughly pollarded this particular tree in anticipation of new growth for the 2016 season. The bikes are expected to be in the shops by around April or even May. More news as soon as Triumph's press office pulls the correct lever.


The colours are silver (as above) or matt black. There are no prices yet, but the tag will no doubt be pretty close to the current Tiger 1050 Sport price of around £9,995.



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