Victory axes seven models

2nd September 2016


Vegas | Hammer | Cross Country | Magnum X-1


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Victory 8-Ball for 2016


▲ 2016 Victory 8-Ball. This is the last year that this model will be available in the Europe, Middle East and Africa markets. But are we to believe Victory when the firm tells us that the EC is to blame?



For 2017, Victory Motorcycles is axing no less than seven motorcycle models from its EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) range. The chop has come because, we're told, the bikes fail to meet the Euro4 regulations. Therefore, they can't be legally sold into this market. The models affected are the Vegas, Hammer, Cross Country, Magnum, Magnum X-1, Cross Country Tour and the Vision.


The only Victory motorcycles that will be available post-2017 in the EMEA region are the Gunner, High-Ball, Octane, and the Judge.


Victory is naturally putting on a brave face and holding back the tears, but it's difficult to see why some Victory motorcycles are Euro4 compliant and some ain't. They're pretty much all built upon the same 1,731cc air-cooled V-twin foundation and differ only in cycle part specification, livery and hype.

Motorcycles General Manager Rodney Krois has been quoted as saying: “We look to a bright future at Victory, learning from our past successes, while not forgetting the models that have made us the brand we are today. Octane [ongoing liquid cooled project] was the start of a new direction for Victory Motorcycles and we can now get ready for the next chapter. Sure, we’re sad to see some models leave the European region, but what follows will be even more exciting.”


But secretly, it looks pretty clear that Victory has over-played its hand and dealt itself too many cards in the same suit. The buying public is confused by the choice, and the sales ain't matching the expectation. So Euro4 gives the firm a perfect opportunity to dump a few models, which was what Kawasaki did with the W800; what Yamaha did with the XJ1300, and what Honda did with the CBR600RR.


Rationalising the range is always a wise move. But doing it under the bogus pretext of Euro4 regs makes the manufacturer look less trustworthy than it might otherwise be, and no brand can afford to lose the faith of its potential or current market.

Victory Motorcycles, based in Minnesota, USA is owned by Polaris Industries. The firm was founded in 1954 and also owns Indian. The bulk of the company's income, however, is derived from the sale of snowmobiles, electric vehicles and ATVs. As of 2015, Polaris's revenue was $4.7billion.


On 1st January 2017, the Euro4 regulations kick in. We can expect a few other manufacturers to take this timely opportunity to remove a few otherwise perfectly decent (albeit slow selling) motorcycles from their catalogues. Soon there might be a good time to snap up some end of line bargains.


Be ready.




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