BMW RnineT Pure

7th October 2016


Boxer | 1,170cc | 4-pot brakes | Bike specs 


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BMW RnineT Pure 2017


BMW calls this new roadster model the RnineT "Pure". As in orange juice. Or romance. Or at heart.




Which is interesting and timely because we've lately been scoping for a dafter name for a motorcycle than Triumph's new "Street Cup", and although this German-conceived moniker doesn't beat it, it comes pretty damn close.




It's the cynicism that irks us (and we're master of that dubious inclination). BMW has taken the established and worthy RnineT platform, removed as many bits as it can get away with, splashed some different paint on it, held back on the finish, waited for Intermot and then served it up as "Pure".


We haven't got a problem with basic motorcycles, mind. We love 'em. Bring 'em on. The less mechanical stuff between the front and back wheels, the more we like it. We just prefer to have our truths served raw so we can do our own bul$#!tting down at the pub with the boys.


BMW RnineT Pure


This motorcycle is simply a Poundshop on wheels. Everything cheap. Everything at "factory prices". Everything discounted. So okay, we're overstating it a little. BMW always produces quality merchandise, if not without its faults (and more than a handful of recalls). And this bike is going to cost more than a few quid. But we figure it deserves to be honestly marketed as a ... hell, a BMW Budget or something. Yeah, that sounds right. The BMW Budget: Performance at a penny-pinching price for the parsimonious.


And while we remember, BMW was using this "Pure" stuff earlier this year with the BMW RnineT Sport which boasted Pure Riding, Pure Authenticity, Pure Customising, Pure Passion, Pure Lifestyle, and Pure Aluminium. Well now we've got Pure Cynicism too, and we'd better get over it [and the RnineT name is pretty stupid too, ain't it? - Ed]


BMW RnineT Pure engine


So what's the specification, anyway? Well, the Pure is running the same 1,170cc, 6-speed air/oil-cooled engine as the current RnineT roadster. It's also equipped with the same modular tubular frame as the current RnineT roadster. But the forks are simpler (read; budget) 43mm tubes (as opposed to the inverted forks on its predecessor). The brakes are simpler (read; budget) four-pots (as opposed to the radial monoblocs we've come to expect, if not demand).


The pure aluminium fuel tank has been dropped (so to speak) in favour of pure steel (read; budget). The drive train is finished in basic (read; budget) black. The stainless steel exhaust is brushed finished (we wouldn't want anything that looks expensive here either, would we?). And the choice of colours is limited to just one: Catalano Grey non-metallic paint, thereby saving on a few aluminium filings and shavings.


BMW RnineT Pure headlight


It's not a particularly handsome bike. And it's not ugly either. It's just a plain, no frills, workaday Beemer. But never in a million years would we call it "Pure". Meanwhile, it's worth keep things in perspective by reminding ourselves that when BMW is doing things on the cheap, it's still better quality stuff than the expensive hardware churned out by some lesser manufacturers.


And you have to cut your coat according to your cloth, and times are still pretty hard for a lot of folk. So BMW has responded with a Boxer twin tilted as far as possible to the budget end of the market. And it shows. Pity the firm tried to dress it up with a veneer of esotericism.


The price is expected to be around 9,000. Or maybe a little ... well, cheaper.



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