2017 Suzuki GSX250R. It's finally arrived and is en route to UK dealer showrooms. The bike was announced at the 2016 EICMA show and had been expected earlier this year. But clearly these particular wheels haven't been turning as fast as they might. It's not the most exciting two-fifty we've ever seen, but Suzuki needs to plug a gap in the quarter litre/A2 licence-ready sector, and the GSX moniker carries some clout. With a claimed 24.7bhp (25PS) on tap at 8,000rpm and 17.3lb/ft (23Nm) torque at 6,500rpm, this SOHC, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, 6-speed parallel twin is hardly breaking new ground. It's also fairly heavy at 398lbs (181kg). Pearl Nebular Black is the only colour. Comprehensive instruments and ABS are part of the deal. Note that Suzuki boasts 91mpg, but the asterisk beside that figure rewards us with no more details. The price? Around 4,200.



July 2017


H   O   M   E

T   O   P

S   H   O   P



1977 MV Agusta


Rare 1977 MV Agusta


This is the last and the largest of the MV 4-cylinder racers. Who says so? Mecum Auctions in the USA which will be offering for sale this rare 1977 piece of sex-on-wheels. The factory-built motorcycle is one of just 27 based upon the superlative 850SS platform. The legendary tuner Arturo Magni was the driving force behind these world championship winning projectiles, each of which was capable of hitting 150mph with aplomb, and to this day capable of waking grown men from their slumbers with the echo of that timeless MV Agusta roar. Notable features include a hand-formed race fairing and bodywork; a hand-formed aluminium fuel tank; magnesium wheels; Lockheed front brake calipers; Dell Orto SS31 carburettors; a dry clutch; magneto ignition; a Magni chain-drive conversion; a 14,000 RPM tachometer and a very short fuse.





2018 Indian Scout Bobber


Truncating the mudguards, lowering the ride an inch or two, fitting fat tyres and calling a motorcycle "a bobber" doesn't actually make it a bobber. But you can't tell that to Indian Motorcycles (or Triumph for that matter). Bobbers are still very much in fashion, and there's a lot of money to be had out of the B-word. For 2018, Indian has put a (slightly) new twist on its existing 1,133cc/69 cubic inch liquid-cooled V-twin Scout platform with this new offering that, we hear, will be in UK dealerships before the end of 2017. At 561lbs (255kg), this steamroller is trying desperately to look "the part", except that "the part" has been so diluted that bobberism is now almost meaningless. In short, it's not actually much of a street hotrod (which is what a bobber is supposed to be), not with all that lard to tote around. [More....]








Ninja 650/Z650 new colour


When you hack through the press release hype, the simple story is that the Kawasaki Ninja 650 and Kawasaki Z650 have been liveried in new colours for the 2018 riding season.


Here's the skinny:


Ninja 650 - 2018 model

Pearl Storm Grey with Ebony

Candy Plasma Blue and Ebony


Z650 - 2018 model

Metallic Spark Black

Candy Lime Green with Metallic Spark Black

Metallic Matte Covert Green and Metallic Flat Spark Black


Additionally, European bikers can expect the arrival of the Ninja 650 Tourer featuring genuine engine guards, a gel tank pad, protective knee pads, a high windscreen and soft panniers (c/w mounting frames). [More...]


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"Live to ride, and ride to live." Amen to that, brother...




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