BMW accessory firm Wunderlich has released details of its 'Green Hell' R nineT Scrambler Kit inspired by the motorcycles campaigned by BMW in the late 1970s International Six Days Trial events (ISDTs). Features include a "vintage style TT headlight surround", an abbreviated yellow fly-screen, height-adjustable "Six Days handlebars", adjustable brake and clutch levers, "Clear Protect" hand guards, wire-spoked wheels, brushed aluminium mudguards front and rear, and a compact brushed aluminium number plate holder. And if you want even more features, consider the "vintage style tubular steel sub-frame", Monza fuel filler cap, the crash bars, the LED auxiliary lights, the header pipe protectors and the suspension upgrade kits. We've run out of space talking about this, so just visit www.nippynormans.com and fill in the blanks. Looks good. Looks expensive.



August 2017


H   O   M   E

T   O   P

S   H   O   P




2018 Softail "revolution"


Harley-Davidson is calling it a "custom revolution". But the truth is that the firm has long since worn out the words "custom" and "revolution" to the point where the terms are almost meaningless. However, there are eight new Softail models on the hoof for 2018, and it looks like H-D has made some pretty significant upgrades. Here are the new Softails:


Fat Boy®
Heritage Classic (image below)
Low Rider®
Softail Slim®
Fat Bob®
Street Bob®

All the bikes are running either a Milwaukee-Eight™ 45-degree 107-inch or a 114-inch, dual counter-balanced V-twin engine (read: 1,745cc or 1,868cc). [More...]





Nuviz HUD claims a first


The device (above) is claimed to be the world's first Head-Up Display (HUD) designed "specifically for the needs of motorcycle riders". The manufacturer tells us that the gizmo will fit into any full-face crash helmet and provide "customisable information" on the move such as ... well, such as a rolling road map, actually. As you ride along, the optical thingy projects an image or series of images 13-feet (4 metres) in your line-of-sight. An onboard GPS chip tells you where you are, how fast you're travelling, and when you need to turn right or left, etc. You can "intuitively" access the functions via a wireless controller that can be mounted somewhere convenient on the bike, or possibly on the person. Additionally, you can receive messages, indulge in phone calls, "enjoy" constantly updated info on driving conditions, play music, video your journey—and add voice annotation—thereby enhancing your riding experience.





Red Z900 for 2018


Kawasaki has released details of a new paint scheme for the Z900 roadster which was first shown to the world in late 2016. Boasting "strong sales and high praise", this motorcycle—with its "Sugomi engineering and design philosophy"—picked up where the Z800 left off. The Z-Eight was a good motorcycle and sold well, but it was a heavy beast at around 229kg (504lbs). Part of that weighty problem was the heavy-duty steel frame that was, okay, mitigated by the wrap-around aluminium cradle sections. Nevertheless, 229kg (504lbs) is a lot more mass than you'd want to haul around on a bike in this sector. Where Kawasaki (arguably) made the mistake was in boosting the power of the 748cc Z750 (77.7kW/106bhp @10,500rpm) to the 803cc Z800 (82.5 kW/113.00bhp @ 10200 RPM) and simply throwing more steel at the old frame—as opposed to completely rethinking the chassis. [More...]


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"Live to ride, and ride to live." Amen to that, brother...




This the second edition of these Bobber T-shirts, and they're different from edition one which were printed on grey. Why the change? Well, we received numerous email enquiries asking if we had these tees on black. So eventually we relented and changed the colour (ya gotta keep the customer satisfied, are we right?). Anyway, these shirts sell fast. The new batch is here, but they won't last long. To get yours while it's going, click on the image or the button below. You never know when the production fairy will call it a day...






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