2018 Triumph Speed Triple RS. It's one of two new Triples that have just been launched, the other being the S model; S for standard. Triumph tells us the 1050cc engine, common to both bikes, boasts 105 new parts, spins up another 1,000rpm and can hit 148bhp at full tilt. As with a lot of current bikes, the flash is in the dash; hence the new 5-inch multi-function snooze-on-the-move TFT screen controlled by handlebar "switchcubes". The RS model gets an Öhlins NIX30 inverted front fork. The S front fork is an inverted 43mm Showa unit. Brembo M4.34 radial monobloc calipers feature on both bikes (but reach and span adjustable levers on the RS only). Other features include new design 10 spoke alloys with Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa tyres, a new headlamp cowl, revised body panels and a new matt aluminium sub-frame. Colours are Crystal White or Matt Jet Black for the RS, or Jet Black or Crystal White for the S. Prices? Not yet. The Triumph accountants and marketer are perhaps still gauging response which will no doubt be positive, if not necessarily high voltage.




February 2018


H   O   M   E

T   O   P

S   H   O   P




H-D buys into Alta Motors


No, the motocross bike above isn't the latest production motorcycle from Harley-Davidson. And it's not a prototype either. It's actually the current electric Alta Redshift MX upon which we've tagged an Harley-Davidson logo. And we did that simply to illustrate the news that H-D has just bought a chunk of Alta, thereby consolidating its commitment to, in the very near future, build electric hogs. Based in Brisbane, California, Alta Motors was founded in 2010. The brief was to create world-class and even world-leading off-road and supermoto electric motorcycles. Currently, we're seeing just four bikes in the range, all based upon a common Alta Redshift platform and tweaked to offer optimum performance for the differing race/riding needs and disciplines. [More...]







Foscam Wireless Camera


To get right down to it, we like these "plug & play" 1280 x 720p Foscam Wireless Cameras, and we like 'em a lot. We bought a couple some months back, and they've since been on test quietly monitoring the comings and goings around the Sump garages—and they've been doing a great job. We already had four hard-wired high-resolution cameras on the job. But by modern technology standards, these devices are medieval. Not that there's actually much wrong with them, mind. They watch. They listen. They record. But the new Foscam Wireless Cameras take security to a new level, notably by issuing instant alerts to our smartphones when we're out and about. Better still, the set-up routine is simple and (mostly) stress free. [More...]



CCM Bobber announced


Maybe it was inevitable that CCM would eventually get around to manufacturing a bobber. These days they're all the rage, and CCM has already been flirting with cafe racers and flat trackers in order to enhance (or perhaps dilute) its more traditional range of "Skunkwerx" Spitfire series bikes. Founded by Lancashire man Alan Clews—a highly respected trials and scrambles racer of the late 1960s and early 70s—Clews Competition Motorcycles (CCM) has enjoyed a long and convoluted manufacturing path which has included military machines, motocross bikes, supermotos and even a flirtation with the adventure scene. In doing so, some would say that CCM has totally confused its identity, largely through being bounced around a series of ownerships and torn between commercial impulses, always chasing the buck and seizing whatever (dubious?) opportunity came its way. [More...]


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"Live to ride, and ride to live." Amen to that, brother...




This the second edition of these Bobber T-shirts, and they're different from edition one which were printed on grey. Why the change? Well, we received numerous email enquiries asking if we had these tees on black. So eventually we relented and changed the colour (ya gotta keep the customer satisfied, are we right?). Anyway, these shirts sell fast. The new batch is here, but they won't last long. To get yours while it's going, click on the image or the button below. You never know when the production fairy will call it a day...






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