Auction Fever

What am I bid for this classic fuel tank?
Start me off at thirty quid
Thank you, Sir, this thing's a bargain
Now do I hear a counterbid?

Has some holes but could be soldered
Chrome is thin, but not worn through
Just weld the tabs and slap some filler

Coat of paint and good as new



Sold for twenty! Moving onward

Here we have a Goldie frame

Headstock's cracked, and lugs are missing

But scrapping this would be a shame

C'mon gents, do I hear fifty?
Forty then? Cheap at the price
Thirty? Done! And now some girders
Bent and rusty, but still quite nice


And how about these classic wheel rims?

Nearly matching at a glance

Quick re-spoke and scrape the worst bits

Sorry, unknown provenance...




Triumph Bonneville


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