The Great Escape


It looks like Steve McQueen's Triumph from The Great Escape
Right colour, right sound, all the detail's there
Amazing how it turned up after all these years
Just roared out of the woodwork as if from nowhere
Now some folk believe someone's made a big mistake

(but have stopped a long way short of calling it a fake)
But if 'Enry says it's true
Then we're all on song
'Cos 'Enry ain't the type to get his facts all wrong


For many years the bike was herding sheep (or so we hear)
And when the farmer died the TR6 was barned away
By coincidence a Mr Shepherd tracked it down
And now the sun is shining and it's time to make some hay
And yes, we know that anyone can buy a cheap old banger
Then run it through a workshop and create a doppelgänger
But if 'Enry says it's so
Then we're happy to believe
Cos nobody would ever call 'Enry Cole naive

So this really is the bike on which Bud Ekins hopped the fence
History's been made and the truth can only grow
And everyone is happy to believe what they've been told
(and even if it was a fake, who would ever know?)
Yes, it's a lovely, lovely story that has left us all agape
A genuine POW that made the great escape

And if 'Enry says it's so

We offer no contradiction

We're satisfied that Mr Cole knows his facts from fiction


—Danny DeFazio




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