Family Owned

For Sale, a 1913 Triumph
Family owned from day one
Grandad got it from his father
Later gave it to his son

Percy raced it on the island
Crashed it twice, but very tough
Chipped some paint, but nice patina
Another diamond in the rough

Brother Tommy in the thirties
Bought the Trumpet for some beers
He was killed at Alamein
The bike was left for 20 years


Sister Katie (quite a tomboy)
Found the bike in sixty-four
Oiled the works and got it running
Rode it hard to Bangalore

Sometime after it was stolen
Then recovered minus wheel
Found a new hoop made by Honda
Does the job, but not ideal

Back in Blighty brother David
Arty student, came out gay
Made a sculpture with the Triumph
Installed it at the V&A

1980 deconstructed
Part restored but not quite done
Now for sale, any offers?
Family owned, from day one


óDanny DeFazio





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