2018 AJS Tempest Roadster

25th January 2018


125cc | OHC | Fuel injection | Electric starter


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AJS 125cc Roadster for 2018


This bike first appeared on our radar last November. Essentially, it's a reworked AJS Cadwell that we reported on back in June 2016. The 54mm x 54mm, 125cc, fuel-injected engine is derived from the 1st generation YBR Yamaha unit and is currently one of the mainstays of the AJS brand. It offers 7.1Kw (around 10bhp) @ 8,500 rpm with maximum torque dialling in at 9.5Nm (7lb-ft) @ 6,500rpm. That's probably the kind of torque a heavyweight cyclist can generate and isn't likely to impress the girlfriend/boyfriend. Nevertheless, this modest roadster is said to be capable of hitting around 60mph on the flat, on a good day, and it's all you need for daily commuting and zipping around the neighbourhood with your mates.


The bike is aimed at the 17 year old learner legal demographic, so it's suitable for anyone wrestling with CBT or an A1 licence. An engine balancer shaft smoothes out what few vibes there are. The combined braking system (with a single disc front and rear) is adequate if not exhilarating. Centre- and side-stands are standard. Starting is kick or electric. The exhaust is stainless steel.


Here are some tech specs at a glance:

Engine type: YB 4-stroke, OHC, air cooled, single cylinder
Displacement: 124cc (nominally 125cc)
Bore x Stroke: 54mm x 54mm
Maximum power: 7.1Kw @ 8,500rpm
Maximum torque: 9.5Nm @ 6,500rpm
Fuel system: Electronic fuel injection
Fuel tank capacity: 16 litres (3.5 gallons)
Transmission: 5 speed, chain final drive
Unladen mass: 124kg (272lbs)
Starting: electric and kick
Brakes: single disc front and rear (combined braking system)
Wheels: Front: 110/70-17. Rear: 130/70-17
Seat height: 780mm (30.7-inches)
Length: 2,040mm (80.3-inches)
Width: 800mm (31.4-inches)
Height: 1,110mm (40.7-inches)
Wheelbase: 1,330mm (52.3-inches)
Odometer: reads in kilometres
Speedometer: Dual marked
Max Speed: 60mph (approx)


This bike isn't really breaking any new ground. It's simply helping consolidate AJS's position in the entry-level motorcycle market by offering a revised look to an established products. And at 2,199 including VAT it's priced right. Colours are Silver Fox or Jet Black. Availability is now.


But before you decide, you might want to check out the new AJS Tempest Scrambler and see if that suits you better. Same basic motorcycle, but with perhaps a little more attitude.



Contact details:


Tel: +44 (0) 1264 365 103
Fax: +44 (0) 1264 729 356
Web site: www.ajsmotorcycles.co.uk
Web shop: www.ajs-shop.co.uk
Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/AJSmotorcyclesLtd




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