▲ Harley-Davidson 975 Streetfighter for 2020 or maybe 2022. This motorcycle, we're told, is one of 21 new models that HD is planning to develop over the next three or four years in an effort to reinvigorate the brand, especially with regard to the younger demographic. A flat tracker, scrambler, sports bike and adventure bike are said to be on the drawing board. Engines and frames will be modular. We're looking at engine capacities of between 550cc and 1250cc—and there are other changes coming with regard to marketing and sales. Check our July 2018 Classic Bike News page for more ...



July 2018


H   O   M   E

T   O   P

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R&G Indicator extenders


If your bike is fitted with R&G Micro Indicators, you can now spread them a little wider to keep on the right side of the new MOT rules which mandate a minimum of 240mm between the flashers. [More...]







Liqui Moly injector kit


When your injectors are stuck, you're stuck, and you can stay stuck for a long time—usually concluding your stuckness by doing something pretty drastic. Well, Liqui Moly is designed to unstick you without fuss and nonsense. Leave overnight for best results, we're told. [More...]





BMW twin USB sockets


This little adapter from Nippy Normans is designed to facilitate the easy hook up of USB devices.It plugs straight into the DIN socket and is designed to keep the rain water out and the electrons in.




LSR crash helmet


LSR Spitfire helmet


We think LSR missed an opportunity here. Calling this open face lid a "Spitfire" is okay. That's a nice name with a huge parcel of history behind it. But they could have called it the Spitfire McQueen Elvis God Is Great Trump helmet and appealed a whole lot more people. [More...]






Givi V37 panniers


No, it ain't a crash helmet—but these days it's hard to tell. It's actually a pannier, or, if you prefer, a "side case", and there's a matching one for the other half of your bike. You can squeeze 37 litres into each box (hence the V37 name). The weight limit is 10kg per case (of beer or whatever).






K-Tech Ninja 400 shocker


Got a Kawasaki Ninja 400? Okay. Put it in neutral and squash the revs. This DDS Lite rear shock offers four-way adjustment for compression, rebound, spring preload and length. The price is around £900 depending on who's selling it. [More...]




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"Live to ride, and ride to live." Amen to that, brother...




This the second edition of these Bobber T-shirts, and they're different from edition one which were printed on grey. Why the change? Well, we received numerous email enquiries asking if we had these tees on black. So eventually we relented and changed the colour (ya gotta keep the customer satisfied, are we right?). Anyway, these shirts sell fast. The new batch is here, but they won't last long. To get yours while it's going, click on the image or the button below. You never know when the production fairy will call it a day...






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