2018 744cc Moto Guzzi V7 III Carbon Shine (main image). Moto Guzzi has over the years manufactured some wonderful looking bikes, but this ain't one of them. Nothing much wrong with the underlying V7 III, 80mm x 74mm, pushrod architecture, you understand. But from where we're standing, the chrome and carbon overlay looks cheap and gaudy, and it highlights the fact that all the major motorcycle manufacturers are having to warm up established products rather than introduce anything really new and exciting. We hear that it's a 500-unit limited edition bike, but it can't be limited enough for cynics like us. The price? £8,999 Our advice? Buy one of the other V7 III models and put a little colour in your life (see inset images). Carbon fibre and chromes are so yesterday. www.motoguzzi.com




June 2018


H   O   M   E

T   O   P

S   H   O   P



Mutt's 2018 Fat Sabbath


Nobody's yelling anymore that the Chinese are coming. That's because, of course, our oriental friends are now well established here in the UK—and not for the first time. One hundred to two hundred years ago Chinese goods, largely knock-offs of Wedgwood crockery and Chippendale furniture flooded the British market, which shows exactly how the wheels keep on turning. If it could be copied, the Chinese did copy it. The Western markets were awash with both good and poor quality unlicensed products. Well here are two more wheels turning, these hoops coming from Mutt Motorcycles in Birmingham, a smart up-to-the-moment company that's steadily building a fashionable brand based upon a Chinese licensed Suzuki GN125 copy. [More...]








Evotech Z900RS parts


Evotech Performance (EP) has launched a range of accessories for the Kawasaki Z900RS and Z900RS Cafe. Ten parts are in the line-up. These are:


EP Tail Tidy
EP Radiator Guard – black
EP Radiator Guard – stainless steel
EP Crash Protectors
EP Front Spindle Bobbins
EP Rear Spindle Bobbins
EP Mirror Extensions
EP Paddock Stand Bobbins
EP Folding Brake/Clutch Lever Set
EP Short Brake/Clutch Lever Set


We've featured Evotech parts many times, and we've visited their operation in Lincolnshire and were impressed by the quality of manufacture and efficiency of the operation. And that efficiency translates into the lowest prices possible for these accessories.





HJC Black Panther helmet


We have to confess, we don't really know who the hell the Black Panther is. That's largely because these days there are so many super heroes crawling, flying, bouncing, buzzing and crashing around the movies, TV shows, pop videos and magazines that we've lost track. It was simpler in our day. Way back then you had only Superman and Batman to worry about—and, of course, the Legion of Super Heroes, and the Justice League of America members, and okay, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, and Captain Marvel, etc [Don't forget The Atom and Marvelman - Ed]. The point is, there are so many more heroes these days, and we can't keep up with the parade. [More...]


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"Live to ride, and ride to live." Amen to that, brother...




This the second edition of these Bobber T-shirts, and they're different from edition one which were printed on grey. Why the change? Well, we received numerous email enquiries asking if we had these tees on black. So eventually we relented and changed the colour (ya gotta keep the customer satisfied, are we right?). Anyway, these shirts sell fast. The new batch is here, but they won't last long. To get yours while it's going, click on the image or the button below. You never know when the production fairy will call it a day...






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