Kawasaki Z900 metal wall sign

Transverse/inline four | 903cc | 948cc | 5-speed | 6-speed | 132mph | 6-speed | 149mph



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Kawasaki Z900 metal garage sign

Size: 400 x 300mm


Instructions for use:


1. Remove carefully from the packaging.

2. Inspect the sign and feel pleased that you bought it.

3. Find a suitable spot on a suitable wall or door.

4. Position the sign thoughtfully using strips of masking tape if necessary.

5. Carefully mount the sign with nails or screws taking utmost care not to damage any part of the design (Tip: Use fibre washers both in front and behind the sign if you're the particular type or have an obsessive-compulsive tendency).

6. Open a beer, light a fag, hug your partner or favourite pet.

7. Stand back and enjoy the sign and do this as often as time and convenience allows.

8. Drop us an email to let us know how satisfied you are.

9. Wipe the sign occasionally with a soft cloth (and wax it if you're the particular type or have an obsessive-compulsive tendency).

10. Tell your friends.


That's all that's required. The sign should still be fit for purpose long after you're gone, and we hope that's a long time into the future.




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So okay, Honda got there first with the legendary 1969 CB750-4; the first of the new age Japanese inline, multi-cylinder superbikes that was to change motorcycling forever. The 903cc Kawasaki Z1 (variously known as Z1-900, 900 Z1 or Z900 Super Four) came along in 1972 and opted for a DOHC arrangement as opposed to the Honda's SOHC configuration. And that extra cam, coupled with an extra 167 cubic centimetres pushed the speed envelope up from around 120mph to 132mph.

Big numbers for a 1972 production motorcycle (although Vincent might suggest that not an awful lot had changed since the 1950s when the fabled Stevenage V-twins were hitting 120mph on the Great North Road).

But in fact, the Kawasaki was something of a minor revolution. With its 66mm x 66mm engine dimensions and 81hp (82PS) power output at 8,500rpm, this transverse four-cylinder challenger proved itself to be smooth, reliable, oil-tight and durable.


Z1 Kawasaki


Handling, courtesy of its duplex frame and solidly mounted engine, was a matter of some dispute. Many riders praised its taut road manners and predictable cornering. But others strongly disagreed and spoke of a "rubber frame" and a vague back end—the latter said to be due to rapid wear of the swinging arm bushes.

That said, tyre choice (as ever) made a significant different to the feel and control, and keeping the suspension in tip-top shape was vital if you wanted to stay safe in the fast lane. Meanwhile, the twin two-pot hydraulic front brakes warranted a regular inspection of the pads and 296mm discs, but even at their best were never excellent stoppers.

It was a heavy beast, too. Even dry, the Zed weighed in at around 510lbs (231kg). And riders were cautioned to keep the carbs perfectly balanced, the rear chain clean and tight, and remove any road salt asap.

But the Z1-900 was well proportioned, had plenty of road presence thanks largely to its four silencers, and was generally as smooth as a lounge lizard notwithstanding a few vibes on the M-way fast lane.

Over the next few years the Kwacker was upgraded to the Z1-A, Z1-B and Z900 and sported numerous revisions including more power, some engine refinements, improved braking and an upgraded frame. And over the years Kawasaki further tinkered and refined the concept, adding horses and generally addressing consumer feedback.

In 2017, after a production hiatus, the Z900 name returned to the market place, and almost immediately Kawasaki pressed the retro button and gave us the new 948cc, 6-speed, liquid-cooled Z900RS; a 109hp (111PS successor to the original and iconic Z1—and a worthy successor at that, albeit not without its detractors.

Top speed, if you're up for the wind-blast challenge, is a claimed 149mph. Added to that is a lot more grunt, a lot less groan and a street-friendly torque profile (around 72lb-ft/97Nm @ 6,500rpm) that most road riders will be perfectly happy with.

Yes, there are still vibes at prolonged motorway speed. But less than the original and nothing that gave us any trouble when we recently tried one.

The frame now uses the engine as a stressed member, and the reward is excellent handling across the range coupled with obedient brakes. The suspension comprises a 41mm inverted front fork coupled with a single rear shock, both adjustable for preload and rebound, with added adjustability up front for compression.


2018 Z900RS Kawasaki retro


Our metal wall sign is Sump's modest homage to the Z-series Kawasakis and will look great on any garage or shed wall.

The size of this sign is a generous 300mm x 400mm, which is roughly the size of two A4 sheets of paper. The signs are printed direct to metal in the traditional way. The price is £14.99.

Will you like it when you see it? We think so. If we didn't, we wouldn't be flogging 'em.

We package these signs as well as we reasonably can, and we despatch as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours of ordering, and very rarely longer than 2-3 days if stock has run out and needs to be re-supplied).

Either way, we'll keep you posted. And if for any reason we can't supply your sign, we'll tell you without unnecessary delay and will refund your money in full.

And remember this if you will:

We don't sell anything that we don't hang in our own garages.




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