Triumph Speed Triple metal wall sign

Essential lowbrow art for your garage, lounge, hall or ... wherever

Specifications: Heavy duty mild steel. UK made. 400mm x 300mm. High resolution image. Printed direct to metal.

Only £14.99

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UK P&P £4.30

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Triumph Speed Tripke metal garage sign


Instructions for use:


1. Remove carefully from the packaging.

2. Inspect the sign and feel pleased that you bought it.

3. Find a suitable spot on a suitable wall or door.

4. Position the sign thoughtfully using strips of masking tape if necessary.

5. Carefully mount the sign with nails or screws taking utmost care not to damage any part of the design (Tip: Use fibre washers both in front and behind the sign if you're the particular type or have an obsessive-compulsive tendency).

6. Open a beer, light a fag, hug your partner or favourite pet.

7. Stand back and enjoy the sign and do this as often as time and convenience allows.

8. Drop us an email to let us know how satisfied you are.

9. Wipe the sign occasionally with a soft cloth (and wax it if you're the particular type or have an obsessive-compulsive tendency).

10. Tell your friends.


That's all that's required. The sign should still be fit for purpose long after you're gone, and we hope that's a long time into the future.




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Classic motorcycle signs

Classic bike wall
signs from £8.99

Every so often one comes along. We're talking about a motorcycle that's so well-sorted on the road, so right for the moment, so comfortable to straddle, and so easy on the eye that it leaves an instant—and often very deep—impact on your psyche. Well that's how it was for us the first time we got up close and very personal with the bug-eyed Triumph Speed Triple.

The original 1994 Speed Triples were the T309 series. These 90bhp (73kW) carbureted machines (later fuel-injected) were based upon Triumph's staid-but-worthy modular engine concept and featured an 885cc (750cc for some markets) DOHC liquid-cooled 4-valves-per-cylinder triple underpinning a single heavy duty steel backbone frame. This unfaired bike represented a big leap forward for Triumph, but was a fairly run-of-the-mill design for much of the competition.

The T309 was, after all, a little too tall and a little too heavy, and it was a little slabbish, stylewise. Moreover, the running gear (43mm Kayaba front fork and a Kayaba monoshock at the rear operating a twin spar swinging arm) was certainly no leap forward on the track or road.

Nevertheless, Triumph had a new direction to travel, and a new concept with which to work and refine, and that's exactly what Hinckley did when it revamped the bike in 1997 and gave us the T509 Speed Triple.

This 108bhp (80kW) motorcycle was powered by an all-new 885cc fuel-injected DOHC engine (76mm x 65mm), but was now ensconced within a tubular aluminium perimeter frame.

A 45mm 3-way adjustable Showa front fork replaced the Kayaba unit, and Showa also got a look in at the rear with a 3-way adjustable rear shock/damper unit now operating on a single-sided swinging arm. Nissin 4-pot calipers, incidentally, were introduced up front with a twin-pot Nissin at the rear.

The really distinctive feature of this motorcycle was the now near-iconic bug-eyed headlights. Compared to the large single headlight unit on the original Speed Triple, the twin peepers gave the still unfaired bike a cheeky, rakish demeanour that instantly set it apart from the crowd.

For 1999, the Speed Triple was upgraded to 955cc (using the engine from the contemporaneous Triumph Daytona sportsbike, fact fiends). Power was up slightly to around 110bhp.

For 2005, the fourth generation machines saw the engine size increased to 1,050cc. Power was hiked to a far more satisfying 129bhp (96kW). Numerous other motor and chassis upgrades appeared including a new engine management system, an inverted front fork, radial brakes, and revised styling.

Our metal garage sign (eyes top left) is based around the 2010 Triumph Speed Triple SE (Special Edition). Although technically the SE is not substantially different from other Speed Triples in that year's range (save for some timely suspension tweaks), the bike was offered with a very attractive red and white livery coupled with the now familiar bikini fairing.

Now, we're not saying the Speed Triple concept wasn't much improved after that. It certainly was, and in almost every way it's better than ever. But the 2010 SE felt just that little bit more right than any Speed Triple before or after. Call it right for the moment, if you like. Call it ... well, call it whatever you will.

Our sign is available now, and we've made it as right as we can. The price is £14.99. It's a high quality print (direct to metal). It's supplied with mounting holes. It should last for years, if not decades. And we think it will look great on pretty much any garage wall, shed wall, or even inside your house.

We generally despatch either the same day, or the next working day. But if we get caught short (and it happens to the best of us), we'll let you know immediately and give you the option of cancelling.

If you don't like it, just send it back for a refund. Buy now; you never know when the well will run dry.


2015 Speed Triple review




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