2019 Honda Gold Wing

3rd April 2019


1,832cc | Bagger style | 124bhp | 125lbs-ft


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2018 Honda Gold Wing bagger in silver


Honda Motorcycles has sent us details of the firm's latest variation on the Gold Wing theme. And we're pleased to report that the weight has gone down rather than up.


The idea, clearly, is to make a virtue out of what this bagger-styled bike hasn't, rather than what it has. And to stick a cherry on this particular cake, the asking price has come down hugely.


As reported on Sump in late 2017, the engine is a 1,833cc liquid-cooled flat six promising 124bhp and 125lb-ft of torque. The weight has been cut by 105lbs (48kg), largely by trimming fat all over the bike (including the engine and transmission). The rear top box has been given the elbow. The electrically operated screen has been truncated.


The chassis, bodywork and suspension has been borrowed straight from the current Tour model. And, thoughtfully, Honda has served up all the "essential" goodies required of a machine of this calibre such as various riding modes, ride-by-wire throttle, traction control, keyless ignition, electronic suspension, LED lights, and a comprehensive infotainment system.


The gearbox, incidentally, is 6-speed. The clutch is slipper-assisted. The centre of gravity, says Honda, has been lowered. And a Datatool TraKKing Adventure GPS Tracker is part of the deal, but owners will have to fork out the 9.95 per month subscription that keeps the tracker on the alert.


But the price is what's going to win over most riders, and that's a whopping 5,000 lower than the cost of the cheapest current Tour model. Put another way, the stripped/bagger version is 22,299. The Tour starts at 27,499. But note that you can't buy these everywhere. Only selected Honda dealerships will have these bikes in stock. These dealers are:


GL1800 Gold Wing dealers
Blackpool Honda
Castle Motorcycles
CJ Ball
Doble Motorcycles
Grantham Honda
H.G.B. Motorcycles
J.S. Gedge
Kent Motorcycles
Miles Kingsport
Newcastle Motorcycles
Smiths Honda
Thunder Road Bridgend
Wheels Honda Peterborough


We haven't provided links to these guys. We figure you can do that for yourself. What makes these dealers so special, incidentally, is that they've all campaigned Gold Wings for many years and have lots of experience. That, at least, is what we're told. Either way, if you want to get up close to the bikes, this is where you have to go.

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