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▲ 2020 KTM 890 DUKE R "brings out the best in the DUKE. Sharper than ever, focused on the hardcore KTM naked rider, it’s developed for aggressive street and track riding. This is a no-compromise mid-weight naked bike, equally at home on mountain roads as it is on the race track, delivering more power, more torque and more Dukeness than any parallel twin that has come before." We'd like to tell you more, but KTM hasn't yet told us. We've simply been invited to the launch of this bike on 31st March 2020, but of course we won't be going. With the coronavirus outbreak in full flood, we're hunkering down with beer and pornography, and we ain't planning on surfacing in public until we hear the all-clear. Cowards? You decide. But for us, some things are too hot to touch. Meanwhile do they really have to use phrases such as "naked rider"? Discuss.



March 2020


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Biker hoodie from Sump Magazine


New Sump Biker Hoodie


We're advertising these Sump biker hoodies elsewhere on Sump, so you might stumble across them on your travels through our pages. But we figure they deserve another mention, not least because the products we design and market help pay the bills for our free pages (half a million incisive and entertaining words and counting, folks). Took us a while to add hoodies to our collection. That's because none of around here ever wore them, so they were ... well, just not on the radar. But we were asked a number of times if we had any hoodies in the box, and finally we saw a demand and knuckled under and started producing them. And we're glad we did. They sell. [More...]


Ducati Diavel Evotech parts


Evotech Ducati Diavel bling


Evotech has released details of a new range of accessories for the Ducati 1260 and 1260S.


Here's the list of what's on offer:


1.  The EP Tail Tidy is a lightweight aluminium design. Just remove the OEM swingarm-mounted registration plate assembly and attach the Tail Tidy to the rear sub frame. The seat lock and extendable pillion grab rail is retained. The tidy incorporates a CNC-machined mounting base for the original indicators, and a replacement LED unit for the rear light, brake light and registration plate illumination. Stainless steel fasteners. Black powdered finish. The SRP (Suggested Retail Price) is £225. [More...]



2020 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard


2020 H-D Softail Standard


Harley-Davidson has officially announced the launch of the 2020 Softail Standard; a move that effectively quenches all the rumours that have been bouncing around the www. The Softail has been (woefully?) absent from the Harley-Davidson line-up for over a decade. But evidently Milwaukee has deemed it the right moment to reintroduce the model, and in doing so update it with at least some of the latest bells and whistles.Starting with the motor, the obvious power unit to fit is the Milwaukee-Eight, but "only" the 107-incher (1,750cc). However, rather than rubber mount it, the engineers and accountants have opted for solid fixings. So it vibrates a lot? Well, more than it might. Then again, this lump is running twin counter-balancers. So no one needs to lose their teeth fillings. The pay-off, we're told, is slightly more certain handling. Do we believe that? Maybe. In theory. [More...]



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Motorcycle workshirt



Sump workshirt £26.99

All purpose street & garage wear


We spend much of our miserable lives in the garage. Usually we're fixing bikes and stuff, and all too often we're re-fixing the stuff we ought to have fixed properly the first time around.


So it goes.


Anyway, we wanted to increase our product range (that's partly how we fund Sump) and we've been thinking for some time about introducing workshirts and general shirts that we might want to wear when the weather closes in—which is most of the time in the UK. Anyway, this is the result; our first Sump branded garage/all purpose shirt.


The Sump logo is featured above the left-side pocket only (notice how we cunningly avoided saying "breast"?). The image quality is very good and will last the life of the shirt.


We think these are pretty good quality and worth the money. First come, first served, etc.


Hit the button below, baby...





BSA motorcycle workshirt



BSA M20/M21

workshirt £26.99

All purpose street & garage wear


Seems that plenty of folk love our BSA M20/M21 T-shirt design which features the above roundel. So, to widen the appea we decided to reproduce it on a more formal shirt that you might want to wear in the garage or in the magistrate's court.


The shirts are 100% cotton twill, which means they're tougher than ordinary cotton. We wear these ourselves, and we're perfectly happy with them—and we're nothing if not hard to please. Follow the links and see if they're right for you (Hint: they probably are).


The BSA M20/M21 roundel is featured above the left-side pocket only. And when you wear this, other BSA folk will notice and might even become your friend and take you out for walks and stuff. It happens.


The image quality is very good and will last the life of the shirt. You know you want it, and you know we've got it.



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