Moto Guzzi V85TT Travel

21st January 2020


2020 model | V-Twin | 853cc | Tutto Terreno  


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Moto Guzzi V85TT Travel


The Moto Guzzi V85TT first appeared in September 2018 and was clearly intended to evoke the spirit of the Paris-Dakar rally (see image immediately below). You might think that the "TT" designation is a perverse passing shot at the Isle of Man TT. But in fact, it's simply Italian for "Tutto Terreno", or "All Terrain". And if you believe Mandello del Lario marketing hype, it's the "the perfect bike for any type of journey on any type of terrain"; an overblown claim that possibly does more harm than good. But that's their business.



Moto Guzzi V85TT



Meanwhile, the factory claims that this bike has proved to be a great success. Consequently, a stablemate has just been introduced to cash in on whatever momentum there is.


So enter the V85TT Travel which is essentially the same motorcycle powered by an 853cc, transverse, air-cooled, 90-degree 2-valve (per cylinder) V-twin. The bore is 84mm. The stroke is 77mm. The gears number six. And being a Moto Guzzi, the final drive is by shaft.


The most obvious difference between the TT Travel and the standard TT is the metallic bronze livery. And to bolster its travel credentials—as opposed to the ... well, the travel credentials of its stable-mate, hard luggage is standard, the screen is taller, a centre stand has been fitted, ditto for heated grips and miniature fog lights.


That's a fair bit of extra kit for a model that's supposedly selling very well. But whatever the truth, it all sounds like a pretty competitive package for a good looking Guzzi that's right on trend.


The price is around £12k give or take some change. The bikes should be arriving sometime in February 2020.

Moto Guzzi V85TT specifications


Engine: 90-degree, air-cooled transverse, two-valves per cylinder V-twin

Capacity: 853cc

Bore x stroke: 84mm x 77mm.

Power: 80hp (59 kW) @ 7,750 rpm (or 47hp/35 kW, A2 license)

Torque: 80Nm @ 5,000rpm

Transmission: 6-speed.

Front suspension: Inverted 41mm hydraulic fork, adjustable

Rear suspension: Swinging arm, with mono shock absorber, adjustable

Front wheel: 19 x 110/80 wire with tube

Rear wheel: 17 x 150/70 wire with tube

Front brake: Twin 320mm discs with 4-pot Brembo radial calipers

Rear brake: Single 260mm disc with 2 pistons caliper

Features: TFT display, full LED lights, ride-by-wire throttle, three rider modes (street, rain, off-road), cruise control, hand guards, aluminium sump guard, traction control, twin channel ABS

Frame: tubular steel

Fuel tank: 5.1 gallons (23 litres)

Seat height: 830mm

Dry weight: 457lbs (208kg)

Wet weight: 503lbs (229kg)


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