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▲ 2021 Harley-Davidson Sportster S. It has to happen sooner or later; the death of a king, and the crowning of a new one. And in its way, the fabled air-cooled Sportster was a piece of biking royalty. And if not a king, then certainly a prince. It's roots can be traced to the 45-degree, air-cooled, pushrod, OHV Model K of 1957. That bike was Harley-Davidson's stylish riposte to the British twins that had "invaded" the USA in huge numbers. Year by year, MoCo developed and refined its native product, not in giant steps but in steady increments. As a result, the XL Sportster, in one form or another, quickly became the entry level bike that brought new blood to the big twin showroom. But that was then, and this is now, and you're looking at the 2021 Harley-Davidson Sportster S. Here are the facts. 60-degree liquid-cooled DOHC Revolution motor. 1,252cc. 92lb-ft of torque. Variable valve timing. 501lb (228kg). Traction control. Three riding modes. ABS. 43mm inverted Showa front fork. 29.7 inch seat height (755mm). And much more. Forget the road tests. The only way to gauge this latest 'rod is to ride it and find out. So talk to your dealer. But it ain't cheap at £14,000. Will it sell? We hope so. Harley-Davidson is pinning a lot on this new contender.



July 2021


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Brough Superior Lawrence


While much of the motorcycle manufacturing world has been sitting on its hands during the pandemic (a few tweaks and twirls of existing models notwithstanding) Brough Superior (BS) has evidently been hard at work and thinking more radical thoughts—the evidence for which is right here in the above Lawrence model, new for 2021. Some things haven't changed, mind. The engine is still 997cc. It's still DOHC liquid-colled. It's still an 88° V-twin with 4-valve heads. There's still 102bhp on tap @ 9,600rpm, with 64lb-ft of torque @ 7,300rpm. But BS has completely re-thought the style and the appeal which will possibly lure a few more willing (and rich) souls to the company barn.






Curtiss 'The One' electric


Steampunkers look this way. Curtiss Motorcycles, formerly Confederate Motorcycles (but whisper that only among friends, if you please) has created and released details of yet another unlikely, unapologetic and eye-popping futuristic motorcycle thereby helping consolidate the company's place as a builder of some of the most radical bikes we've ever seen. For 2021, we're treated (if that's the right word) to the above machine that Curtiss likes to call 'The One' (as opposed to 'The Other', perhaps). At the heart of this sci-fi fantasy mo-sickle is an electric rubber band that's claimed to be able to zapp out a maximum of 217bhp with 369Nm of torque. However, the available power is restricted to 120bhp with a corresponding reduction in torque.





2021 Suzuki Hayabusa


The Suzuki Hayabusa. Another motorcycle legend in its own lifetime, and still often spoke of in the kind of reverential tones more generally associated with a cathedral (or, if you prefer, the ecstatic gasps as heard in the average whorehouse). After eighteen or nineteen years pushing the speed envelope and occasionally dropping jaws, this penis on wheels was finally discontinued in 2018. But the writing had been on the wall since two years earlier (2016, to be specific) when the Euro3 regulations kicked in and declared the bike no longer fit for the times, emissions-wise. Consequently, after a couple of decades wowing the 'Busa fans, Suzuki flogged-off the last few bikes (as permitted under the EU grace period), and then the model was put out to graze.




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Motorcycle workshirt



Sump workshirt £26.99

All purpose street & garage wear


We spend much of our miserable lives in the garage. Usually we're fixing bikes and stuff, and all too often we're re-fixing the stuff we ought to have fixed properly the first time around.


So it goes.


Anyway, we wanted to increase our product range (that's partly how we fund Sump) and we've been thinking for some time about introducing workshirts and general shirts that we might want to wear when the weather closes in—which is most of the time in the UK. Anyway, this is the result; our first Sump branded garage/all purpose shirt.


The Sump logo is featured above the left-side pocket only (notice how we cunningly avoided saying "breast"?). The image quality is very good and will last the life of the shirt.


We think these are pretty good quality and worth the money. First come, first served, etc.


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BSA motorcycle workshirt



BSA M20/M21

workshirt £26.99

All purpose street & garage wear


Seems that plenty of folk love our BSA M20/M21 T-shirt design which features the above roundel. So, to widen the appea we decided to reproduce it on a more formal shirt that you might want to wear in the garage or in the magistrate's court.


The shirts are 100% cotton twill, which means they're tougher than ordinary cotton. We wear these ourselves, and we're perfectly happy with them—and we're nothing if not hard to please. Follow the links and see if they're right for you (Hint: they probably are).


The BSA M20/M21 roundel is featured above the left-side pocket only. And when you wear this, other BSA folk will notice and might even become your friend and take you out for walks and stuff. It happens.


The image quality is very good and will last the life of the shirt. You know you want it, and you know we've got it.



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