Triumph Trekker GT 

18th June 2020


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Triumph Trekker GT e-Bike


It's Triumph first electric bicycle, but it's by no means the first bicycle to wear the Triumph brand. German emigree and businessman Siegfried Bettmann set the wheels turning soon after moving from Nuremberg to Coventry, England. That was 1884. At first, Bettman simply imported ready-made bicycles and slapped his new Triumph moniker on the frames. But by 1894 he fully entered the world of bicycle manufacturing.


But why pick the name "Triumph"? Because, it's said, it was a word that was understood in many languages across Europe and the wider world.


Makes sense.


Fast forward to 2020 and the current owner of the Triumph brand has created its first electric bicycle. Here's what the Hinckley, Leicestershire factory has to say about its new product:


Triumph’s passion for two-wheeled performance and riding fun brings together for the very first time the latest in e-drive bicycle technology alongside Triumph’s world renowned elegant style, comfort, quality and finish.

The new Trekker GT is the perfect all-road choice for commuting, fitness and everyday riding fun, enhanced by high specification branded equipment including premium components from Shimano and RockShox, and its high performing Shimano e-drive.


Triumph Trekker GT e-Bike instruments


Triumph Trekker GT e-Bike Shimano powertrain



Now, we're no experts on electric bicycles (or experts on anything else, come to that). We're more into the classic pedal-powered stuff from the likes of Hercules and Rudge and Raleigh, but we honestly can't see too much here to get excited about. But neither is this first offering a shabby lash-up. Triumph takes its branding very seriously and, we feel, wouldn't release a product until it was at least as good as the average competitor, and arguably up there with the best.


See how the branding promise works?


But style-wise or tech-wise it doesn't appear to have blazed any new trails, and the tech is available to most of the other significant players out there. Not that Triumph is looking at or anticipating huge production numbers with this motorised hobby horse. This strikes us more of a vanity product as you might expect from Porsche or Lamborghini. Or think of it as an aperitif for Triumph's first electric motorcycle which. according to the skinny, isn't too far away.


At its heart is a 50w, 60Nm powertrain based around a Shimano Steps E6100 motor underpinned by a Shimano E8035 504Wh battery. A single charge is claimed to be good for 90 miles.

The front fork is a RockShox Paragon rig offering 65mm of travel. The brakes are Shimano Deore M6000 180/160 discs, The frame is hydro-formed 6061 aluminium. The gears number 10. The wheels are 27.5” Shimanos with Schwalbe Energizer Green Guard tyres.


Other features include an ABUS integrated lock, a side stand, LED lighting and a fairly comprehensive instrument display (with estimated range, speed, distance, clock, gear & trip meter). Three frame sizes are available.

Triumph Trekker GT e-Bike frame and logo

The colours are Matt Silver Ice and Matt Jet Black. And the price? That will be £2,950 which probably sounds a lot to most bikers. But it isn't all that much compared to what many cyclists are paying for relatively average higher-end push-bikes. Perhaps more pertinently, these wheels are priced at a more premium level no doubt supporting the cachet that Triumph is hoping will attach itself to this e-Bike.


We don't hate it, but it hasn't really caught our eye. Or heart. Then again, there's something about the fundamental concept of e-Bikes that leaves us wanting. They always seem like ... well, like cheating. And yes, that's irrational coming from a bunch of bikers who don't have anything against electric motorcycles (well not too much, anyway). But that's how it is. We just haven't caught to e-Bike bug. So we're obviously not in Triumph's crosshairs.


But if you are, talk to your Triumph dealer for more info. There might be more going on here than we appreciate.


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