Tucumcari food stop


Another rod. We didn't really need to include this one, but it was in our photo collection and wanted out. We're getting hungry and need food. The choice isn't great. Mostly, as we suggested earlier, we've stopped at Denny's diners. Denny's keep a few vegetables on the menu, but not enough to irritate a carnivore. It's either that or McDonalds, KFC, Taco Bell, Dunkin' Donuts or similar fast food joints. There's a Denny's at 2021 S Mountain Rd Tucumcari, NM 88401. It's open 24 hours, 7 days a week. We park the Mustang, go in, sit down and wait for attention. The food is okay. The service is good. The prices are reasonable. We finish quickly, and head back out on 66. Always the road.





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